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Okay, so I'm back!! I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to do the Zombie Survival Squad.
The Muscle: Bigbang - Taeyang
The Brains: BTS - Rap Monster
The Scaredy Cat: BTS - J-Hope
Gif, picture, and video say EVERYTHING
Secret Weapon: Exo - D.O
The Protector/ Mother: BTS - Jin
The Co-Captain: Exo - Sehun

Alright that's my team. Why do I have a 5% feeling that my choosing is terrible...? Lel. There's no going back now.

I love it lol!!! I chose the same people for Muscle and the Mother
Yes J-Hope is the ULTIMATE scaredy cat lol I feel like he's screaming in fear like half of his waking hours hahahahaha
Reap Monster is a good choice for Brains