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Emma Watson, Hollywood sweetheart, is taking a stand against sexism in the Hollywood industry. Though many of us famously know Watson from her iconic role as Hermione Granger, Watson today has a much more important role as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. For months, the 25-year-old star has been speaking out against gender inequality but has now switched her script to promoting an end to sexism in the industry that made her a star.
Not only are women discriminated against, but they are highly sexualized, younger than leading men, and almost always play submissive or lesser roles while having fewer lines than their male counterparts. Watson was the first to admit that she didn't realize how immersed she was in the sexist culture until she took a look at who she's worked with, "I have experienced sexism in that I have been directed by male directors 17 times and only twice by women."
“Of the producers I’ve worked with 13 have been male and only one has been a woman," Watson noted, "But I am lucky: I have always insisted on being treated equally and have generally won that equality. Most of the problems I have encountered have been in the media, where I have been treated so incredibly differently from my male co-stars."
Recently Watson has shown the troubles of being in a male dominated industry,"I think my work with the UN has probably made me even more aware of the problems. I went out for a work dinner recently. It was seven men… and me. If something does go wrong in the workplace, the support network is not brilliant,” she said. “The men at the top often find it difficult to relate to a lot of the problems women face and therefore we aren’t taken very seriously."
However, Watson did note that the discrimination is not solely a problem created by men,"“Yet, women are just as guilty of discriminating against women. Some of the best feminists I have encountered are men, like Steve Chbosky who directed me in ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’, and director James Ponsoldt who I am working with at the moment [on ‘The Circle’]. Some women can be incredibly prejudiced against other women!”
I know that the world needs to see an end to sexism in Hollywood.
Ugh. the media really does have a problem with how they treat women. It’s so incredibly unfair and unkind. Any difference between the men and women IS inequality!
@nicolejb yes. I agree. I guess I see the opposite of that world. In dance, guys get ridiculed a lot - by other guys, girls, and even their families. (As I mentioned elsewhere, yesterday, it's way worse if the dancer is Latin or Hispanic.) People generally assume Automatically that a man who does performance dance is homosexual. It's ridiculous. Yes, there are many gay men who dance, but it's wrong to Assume that automatically. I've seen a lot of young boys - talented young boys - drop dance because of it. My point is, men do it to women, women do it to women... But women do it to men, and men do it to men. So we have to figure out how to stop it. It starts with children. We have to teach them that we are equals, just like we teach anything else. I think - hope! - I am doing a good job with my son in this area. He will tell another boy not to pull a girl's hair or hit a girl because it's "just Ruuude!" I try to get him to think of others before himself. As a parent, I think it starts right there.