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Music Appreciation
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I just want to take a second to appreciate not only this song, but soft piano tunes in general, but specifically this song. I have anxiety when driving but it gets extremely bad in traffic and when it's raining. Today my driving journey included both of those. I'm pretty good at calming myself to a degree of the bearable but once this song and its vibrations started mellow-ing through my speakers, all that tension slowly started to melt away. If that's not what you call soothing the soul, I don't know what is. Piano music really does something to me and for me. Thank you musical melodies and vibrations.
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Definately agree, not to mention every kingdom hearts song touches your heart instantly, lol
There aren't many experiences out there quite like playing Kingdom Hearts. One of a kind. Why don't developers make more games like them???
I completely agree! I feel like they get close with certain final fantasy games BUT not really. Kingdom Hearts is just really unique. It has this disney theme setting we all know and love which brings this magical appeal, yet it holds its own identity ♡ It would be hard to top a game like this but I would be happy with a legitimate anime of it. @WarrenDreiling