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BTS Challenge Day 1 ♥

Why I love BTS I mean one just look how attractive they are. I would totally date them. But wouldn't we all lol xD
Two they never gave up. Many people told them it was impossible. Your dreams won't come true. But look at them now. They've made it so far since their debut I am so proud of you BTS :)
Three their choreography. On We Are Bulletproof I was so mind blown with evreything the singing, rapping, the beat and the overall sound of the song. Nothing caught my eyes like the dancing did though. My jaw literally dropped when I first saw the video. It was bad ass.
Lastly their personalities. They are so funny and adorable but yet sexy at the same time ♥
I love BTS with all my heart and always will :) @amobigbang
@otakukpopgirl u r welcome 😉✌
@amobigbang Thank you :)
Awesome!! I love this card!
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