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We all know who Hilary Clinton is. A Democrat who started out as First Lady and is not looking to be the first female president. We also believed that she was a staunch supporter of gay rights having just recently told a gay man, "I am proud of you" after learning about the adoption him and his partner just went though for their daughter. However, she was singing a very different tune 4 years ago.
In an email that was just recently uncovered Clinton ripped apart a policy change that Congress passed to change mother and father on passports to Parent 1 and Parent 2. Doesn't seem like such a big deal right? Especially because we live in a world where many same sex couples have children. But it's safe to say Hilary seemed pretty pissed in her email...
Yes, yes I get it, no one wants to deal with Fox News. And yes, she even said she could LIVE with non-traditional families.... Oh wait, hold on. Accepting and the idea of "living with" same sex parenting is two very different things and her tone in this email makes it very clear that she did not accept non traditional families AT ALL.
Now this was an email for four years ago and I am always one to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she's changed! Maybe she has become a better, more accepting democrat (however it has been quoted from Bill Clinton himself that LBGTQ rights was a hard pill for Hilary to swallow). I can't help but wonder if her new found acceptance of the LBGTQ community and non traditional families as a whole doesn't stem from somewhere a little less accepting... Like her running for president of the United States on the democratic ballot. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see what her PR team pulls together for this one.
oi. I dunno. this sounds like she’s upset, but also that she’s upset with how the media takes it. I wonder if she was just trying to appease Fox News..
@nicolejb I was thinking that but her phrasing "live with" makes it seem like she isn't a supporter and more of just someone how will deal with it