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Why I like BTS....literally everything, but I'm going to point out a few :)
1) their songs
seriously, their songs can go with any mood I am feeling at the moment. Even if I'm not in any mood, just listening to their songs puts me in the mood fit for the song. Let Me Know was the song that made me an official ARMY. That song perfectly described my life at the time and since then, I go to BTS whenever I feel down, happy, angry, whatever. And if people ever want to argue with me that their songs aren't that special; my cousin, non-kpopper, (Can't tolerate it when I play it) loves that song. It's the only kpop song she will listen to! She always tells me to play that song when I have control of the music on youtube. The way they go for different styles, making it into BTS style, just amazes me ^.^ I can't wait for more in the future!
2) Their dances
Obviously kpop is known for the groups having amazing choreo. But BTS choreo is really eye-catching. I feel like if I blink I will miss something. Just One Day and I Need U were more simple compared to Danger, Dope, and other, but it still had some of the aggressive dance that they do, even if it is toned down. Seeing them dance makes me want to learn their choreo. (I suck at dancing but I try :D )
3) Their personalities
This one is pretty obvious. Who can deny all that weirdness ^.^ they are really hyper and always seem full of energy. Each of their unique personalities are just to precious (my fangirling is trying to come through) their aegyo makes me want to cringe but I still laugh at them. Their randomness gets me through my day. Their bangtan bombs always make me laugh, and I always anticipate for the next one.
I would write more, but my laptop is going to die and I start class soon. Day 1-done :)