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Participating in @kpopandakimchi October Event - Zombie Survival Squad Card.
this is my first card responding to somebody else card by the way
We have Rain Bi as the MUSCLE in the team. Very strong an skilled. You don't want to be on his bad side. I can get ugly
We have JI SUNG as the BRAIN of the team. From the Heal me/Kill me drama, he has multiple personalities. He can use that to his advantage.
Ri-on From Heal me/Kill me is the SCARY CAT in the group. He is pretty smart but when Ji Song turns in to Yo Na personality, he go nuts and run away
Youngmin and his twin from the group BOYFRIEND is the SECRET WEAPON. Just like the twins in Ourian High School Host Club, they can play mind tricks on you to try to tell them apart. They can use their twin abilities to their advantage.
Minzy from 2ne1 and G-Dragon are the captain/Co-Captain in the group. Two awesome people.
Oh, don't let me forget the PROTECTOR of the group: Choi Si Wan from Super Juniors. Don't you feel safe and protected seeing his warm smile and loving vibe?
Ok, that is my Zombie Squad. What is yours?
I was hoping I could fit Siwon on my team, but I couldnt. I love him in his new series.
Rain! I almost forgot about him! Good choice!