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Hello Vinglers! It's time for another Twisted Thursday Challenge~ Let's get started Pika-Mustache!~
Also welcome to all new community members!~ Hope we can all get along!

This week topic is: Most Anime Sidekick!~

Pick a character who you would love to have him/her as your sidekick and why!


> One pick for each participant (If you cannot choose pick as many as you want).
> Be as creative as possible! by using videos, gif, images, etc.

> Write {TT} on the title so I know its for this challenge!

> Please tag me so I won't miss your cards!

> You have until next Wednesday to do this!
> Have fun!

Thanks to everybody who participated in last weeks {TT} and hope many people to participate this week as well!
@VinMcCarthy I wonder...knowing you its gonna be someone badass! @RaquelArredondo why hurry? take your time if you need time ^^
A Pikachu with a mustache. I must meet it!
aye~ On it!!
@shannonl5 Cant wait to see your! @FrankilliMambo You should do this mambo!
OMG! This sounds sewwwww fun! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
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