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It's the second day of our 31 Days of Halloween celebration! Today, our little critters are getting some attention!
If you've got a cat, you know they hate everything.
I tried to dress up my cat, Miss.Tuffsey in a wizard's costume last year...and I was mamed. So, proceed with caution if you try any of these costumes on your cat.
Anyway, here are XX kitty cat costumes to make your Halloween that much more festive!

Your little kitty could become Super Mario! Watch out for those chain chomps.

Or a fierce king of the jungle.

Like it's ancestors.

You could go all Kitty-ception and turn your kitty...into a Hello Kitty.

Right? It makes too much sense.

Or you could reverse psychology and turn your cat into a mouse. Minnie mouse.

Batman is always in fashion, but the Joker is way cooler.

Look how dastardly that little guy is.

How cute is this little sheep?

He needs a Shepard friend to go with him.

If you're a Christmas junkie this little holiday outfit could suffice for two seasons.

Fall and winter...duh.

This pirate could steal all the booty...or cat treats. Whatever.

We had a sheep, now we have a ram?

I don't know. It's more badass.


But seriously.

Which kitty costume is your favorite!?

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I have a orange and white cat I think he would be a cute batman or pirate XD
@JazmynGertz yes! Aww, I've always wanted an orange cat. My Miss.Tuffsey is a Calico.
@TessStevens when Alphonse my orange kitten was born there were 4 others (all boys) 2 black and white ones 1 with black and light brown stripes and 1 calico and 1 orange and white one they were 6 days old when I found out about them and the person was giving them away and I was stuck deciding between the calico and the orange one, I've never had a calico before and I've only had 1 other orange cat about 6 years until he ran away. I made my decision on the calico one and was going to name it Mosaic but she had sent me a message saying that he died, he was the runt. but now that I have Al the orange I just keep thinking it was meant to be him lol
i dresses my 馃惐 as elf but looks i got were not so
@JazmynGertz yeah a similar thing happened to me. I was supposed to get a little black cat, but I couldn't afford to get him fixed right away. So I ended up getting Twiggy. I'm so happy that I have her. I'm sorry little Mosaic died :/ that's always tough. You were meant to have your little kitty! Happy Halloween!