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My pick for this weeks {Twisted Thursday} Challenge is going to be Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece to be my sidekick!
First of all, he's one of the cutest characters EVAAA!~~
He's has a very shy and childish personality. Also he has no confidence, especially at the beginning of the anime.
But all that doesn't stop him from being a funny guy and I know we could have lots of fun together.
Lastly, he has so many transformations which is handy depending on the situation.
I just feel like chopper is a character I can just have fun with but also rely on him when it gets serious.
Can't wait to see your cards!~
Omg Chopper! He is such a great character lol.
great pick! he's fun and also functional. he puts the FUN in FUNctional, you might say XD
Aww I love Chopper. <3 He's the cutest, sweetest little guy. ^_^
@shannonl5 @poojas Chopper is the best and cutest!
This is such a good pick! I love it :D
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