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For everyone in the news community, everyone across Vingle, tragic news came to the United States today. So far it’s been confirmed that 10 people were killed in a shooting at Umpqua Community College. And with several shootings that took place in the U.S. previously, this comes with a lot the frustration, anger, and sadness.
If you want to see the developments of this story, check out @TessSteven’s Gunman Dead After Shooting Rampage In Oregon.
In instances like this we tend talk about what could’ve been done, what the campus should’ve done, what the parents of the shooter should’ve done, and a big reason: WHY did the shooter do it?

Let’s try to reframe our thoughts about it, shall we?

Here I am, sitting across the other side of the country, seeing the senseless crime and tragedy unfold. I feel shocked, helpless, and well, just plain insignificant to this issue.

When stuff like this happens, I wish I could do more then just talk about it on the internet, but that’s my reality right now.

I wish I could embrace all the family members of the tragedy, help drive people to their homes, help notify the people in the area of the advancements in the story. Anything to get me moving and in the process of helping in a productive way.
I wish I could address the U.S. (like the president) and say that something IS going to be done about this.
I wish I could be a member of Congress and start writing up some legislation right now.

So, I ask you Vingle Community. What would you do about this issue, right now, if you could?

It’s not going to do anything right now, but maybe letting it out will make this community feel a little better.
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That’s so many people isn’t it? (sigh) it’s so sad and scary @InPlainSight.
I mean how many more tragedies do we have to go through before we start taking action....the problem lies behind the right to own guns, simple as that.
Some might argue it is the people behind the guns that are the problem, not disagreeing with you. just playing the devils advocate @mchlyang
@nicolejb You're welcome. My thoughts... I will try... I am sad, because I know that these families are forever changed by a selfish, senseless act of violence. They may achieve good days, but they will never really feel "whole" again. There will forever be a place, day, song, smell, something (everything), that reminds them that some piece of their being is missing. Every morning, they will wake up to the realization that this was real and nothing can bring them back. October will forever be a harbinger of grief and emptiness. I am frustrated because these families will now sit back and watch NOTHING get fixed. They will hear news and cry, a lot, because they will feel helpless. Some will become crusaders, fighting for something to change. Others will be swallowed in darkness for a long time. I am shocked because people freaking KNEW this kid planned to do this. An entire chatroom watched him plan this last night. Only one person told him not to do it. ONE PERSON. The rest gave advice on what weapons to use and how to kill as many people as possible. I am in disbelief because NOT ONE PERSON reported that conversation. I am pissed off because so many other people don’t seem to GET IT. Something has to change. Will it? Probably Not until someone important loses someone this way. Until then, those left behind will die inside every single time they hear about violence of any kind, anywhere. And I am begging a God whom I am still so freaking angry with, that these families will find something that gives them solace and peace.
wow, powerful thoughts @ButterflyBlu thank you for sharing how you feel about this issue. It’s extremely frustrating and sad to me as well. I think we’ve all fallen into a sadness and the same frustration...something HAS to be done, even if it fails. It doesn’t matter who this senseless crime befalls. we need our country to look at issues like this and take ACTION.