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Hey Anime Vingle family!
Since everyone responded so well to my first card in my new collection of badass women in anime, I thought we should follow up strongly!
So here's the next super-badass femme fatale:

Akame, or

Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame!!

Akame is an easy pick to make the badass list. She's lethal with her Teigu Murasame, a single cut of which is deadly.

However, she doesn't just rely on the powers of the Teigu. She is an incredibly gifted swordfighter, and approaches every fight she is in with a calculated, strategic approach. She is relentless in her pursuit of her enemy.

She is not afraid to do what needs to be done in order to fight against the Empire and their lecherous corruption. She commits the necessary acts without batting an eye.

While/ you might think that that makes her a cold-blooded killer, that isn't the case. Akame cares very, very deeply for her comrades, showing that side of her when Sheele dies, surprising Tatsumi with her level of compassion.

But she is also more than just a gifted swordsman. She has a distinctive personality. She cares for her team, she has a haunted past, and she loves food.

Like really, really loves food.

So Vingle anime fam, are y'all fans of Akame? Who else do you want to see in a card? Drop a comment or even create one yourself! XD

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@richbitch34 @JordanHayworth she's from Akame ga Kill! It's a great anime about an assassin squad.
2 years ago·Reply
great anime, but the ending... why?
2 years ago·Reply
She is really Badass but who is equally Badass is Esdeath when I saw her freeze time for the first time is was like idc G.O.A.T!!!!! lol
2 years ago·Reply
I've watched the whole season it's awesome
2 years ago·Reply