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So @AimeeH tagged me in this and its GOT7 so you bet your sweet ass I'm not missing out on it. I did this the same way I did my BTS game card so I haven't seen my results yet. Wish me luck, all of them are my biases so there can be no wrong! (Hopefully...)
Boyfriend: BamBam Crush: Mark Best Friend: BamBam First Kiss: Jackson Who Steals your Ice Cream: JB Lose Virginity to: JB Have Kids With: Junior Husband: BamBam Secret Admirer: Mark Jealous One: Mark
Buys You Food: Youngjae
I don't see Yugyeom anywhere on this list. Do I never meet my son? Do we not become friends? This makes me so sad. Also, did you see those results. I feel semi trolled cause the scenario I came up with for it will probably make me look sketchy but at least it's realistic. (I think...)
STORYTIME!!! [14 YO] Me and BamBam were childhood friends and we liked each other enough so we decided to date. After being introduced to his friends (Yugyeom not included. I has special plans for him to make up for this oh so rude game leaving him out.) I developed a small crush on Mark. Explaining my dilemna to BamBam, we agreed to a mutual split but continued to stay the best of friends. [15 YO] Later on in our glorious friendship I was at a party with the guys and everyone decided to play spin the bottle. Low and behold when it got to my turn I got Jackson, I was really nervous because it was my first kiss but Jackson was a good sport and made sure it didn't feel too awkward. [18 YO] Fast forward a few years, JB's girlfriend of three years breaks up with him and he shuts himself out of the group and holes himself inside his room. Me being the good friend that I am barge into his room with ice cream and alcohol to comfort him. In our drunken stupor he steals my ice cream as well as my virginity and we agree never to mention the incident again. [20 YO] A few years later alcohol, once again, makes its lovely visit-- this time with me and Junior-- which results in the conception of a beautiful baby boy named Yugyeom (In your face troll game! Also, it's safe to say that there will be no more alcohol for me.). We agree to shared custody but opt out of a relationship because we just don't see each other that way. [21 YO] BamBam and I finally realized our true feelings for each other. We dated for a few months and then he proposed out of the blue. During the reception after our wedding, Mark pulled me to the side and confessed that he always had a crush on me and that he'd always been jealous of the other guys and our close relationship. I admitted to him that I used to like him, but his standoffish actions had lead me to get over him. He wasa little disappointed that his jealously caused him to miss out a chance on us but he wished me and BamBam well anyway. [Bonus] Throughout years Youngjae was my platonic soulmate. He was my closet friend after BamBam and JB and he always bought me food or shared his food with me. STORYTIME OVER
@ChelseaJay oh my gosh I love it! Don't die! you did fantastic!! Omg! I love how you trolled the game in the end! #winning! I love this!! Thank you!
@AimeeH right, they didn't give me Gyeomie so i gave him to myself.
@ChelseaJay very nicely done!! ^●^ That made me giggle! Great job!
@AimeeH Thanks. I'm a fic writer so I tried to make it as believable and entertaining as possible like all my other stories.
@ChelseaJay That's awesome! I definitely enjoyed it! ^●^