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So it's a recently released manga and the first chapter has me hooked already. You can tell from an artistic standpoint, it's from the creators of Deadman Wonderland. Since DW ended a while ago, it's nice to have a fresh, new....incredibly violent manga.
Without giving too much away, we start with a young male protagonist by the name of Kakujo Youkou on his birthday. He's the only strange thing in this seemly normal world. Kakujo is a character who sticks to his convictions no matter the cost. In this world, medical technology has advanced so much so that they are now able to transplant any human organ. The organization facilitating this service is called the Ame No Tori (Rain of Birds). You would think your birthday would go smoothly right? I mean it is your name day of course...wrong. The organization is actually a front for a much bigger scheme. This new technology can take over its host and thus making them into a killing machine. But never fear, a special task force is here! The Jackalope are set on eradicating these monstrous lunatics thus ending their reign of terror before it gets too far. And with that Youkuo's life starts anew.
It's a great read and I'm already itching for the next chapter but alas this manga releases monthly. If you love Deadman Wonderland, I'm sure you'll love Smokin' Parade!
This seems quite dark and violent. You know me so well, @poojas! >:3
This looks interesting! @DanRodriguez, you should check this out! :)