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OK so I ended up watching all these MVs and I liked it and I wanted to share with u all I hope u all will all like it 2 1)Kyung Park collaboration fall in love I love this collaboration it's so sweet nd cutte. the MV and the song must c love it
2) Chocolate kangnam Feat Sane I love this collaboration it's the best . such a sweet song
Playback Ericnam wow this collaboration is definitely worth checking out I am sure you all will like it.
Lovelyz Ahcoo Mv OK I am not a fan of this girl group but as soon as I saw this mv I was like I need to share it. I hope u all like this song it's definitely something that caught my attention.
Yoon Hyun Sang Time forgets MV OK so I really didn't want to end this cute lovely card filled with lovely cutte videos with a break up song nd MV bcs this song is sooo sad but it's so good the mv and song I was like I had to share this too hoping u all like it Eventhough it was release on March I never got to c it I need to know more about this Singer he is really good I hope you all like these songs do share which one you all like the best and what do you think abt these songs All video credit to it's actual owners
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Yay I like all of them thank you ^_^
I really liked a-choo
I haven't seen Lovelyz Achoo yet but I will
thanks everyone I hope u all will like these mvs