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10 Struggles of People Who Can't Cook

Seriously....can't I just order pizza?

I can't cook. I never have been able to, and I probably never will. People make fun of me because I ask things like, "How do I make instant mashed potatoes."
I don't know.
Here are ten struggles that all of y'all who don't cook will understand. #takeoutisking

1. You've got all your favorite restaurants on speed dial.

Uh...hello? Could you deliver my daily turkey sandwich?

2. When it comes to grocery stick to the basics.

Like cheese, crackers...the occasional banana. Nothing fancy.

3. Come to think of don't really even know what to buy at the grocery store.

What makes a cheeseburger again?

4. You get confused by kitchen appliances. Like...what the hell do these things do?

I don't know...I guess I'll just chop for the hell of it.

5. You're constantly trying to prove to people that you CAN cook.

LOOK I made something. It's inedible...but I made it.

6. And when something is kind of OK tasting, you throw yourself a party.

Damn...this chicken is burnt, but it's still a chicken!

7. You do have that one thing that you can make...and it's simple. But you're proud.

I can make really really good eggs. Scrambled or over easy. Gimme and egg and I'll show you the world. Or... I'll show you something edible.

8. People who work as chefs blow your mind.

How the hell do people cook these things?

9. You're always knocking things over and spilling shit.

Your kitchen looks like a war zone after you'redone. And you were just trying to make a sandwich!

10. And even though you have no idea what you're try. You try.

Keep on brave non-cookers. It'll be alright.
There's always take out.
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Hahahahahahah @danidee I cannot deal
2 years ago·Reply
:p I don't feel so bad anymore.I cook to survive and only my husband appreciates it.I cook for NO ONE ELSE!!I'm not allowed to cook around my immediate family.They don't allow me in the kitchen.And I don't mind cause I hate cooking and I love when they cook.Whenever we're all in one place,my mom,brother and sister are always arguing about how to cook something.I'm at the kitchen door like shut up and cook,I'm hungry!
2 years ago·Reply
I'm a good cook
2 years ago·Reply
someone gets me lol
2 years ago·Reply
Dad makes the best eggs @MattStevens
2 years ago·Reply