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"Did you guys even watch horror movies when you were younger?!" the brains of your team is not happy that you guys ended up in a forest. "This is definitely not going to end well."
"Will someone just help me with this tent?! Muscles! You can use your strength for more than just zombie fighting, you know that right?" The mama bear of your team is trying to make the best of a rotten situation. If you guys are going to be chased by the undead at least you're going to have a roof over your head and something to eat.
You've been running for a week straight since the epidemic started. You're all on edge, tired, hungry, and you just want the world to return to what it was a few weeks ago - before your friends, family, and neighbors started to crave human flesh.
Your scaredy cat has been trying pretty hard to keep it positive, but they're at the end of their rope. The complaints just start streaming out...
"Why did we leave the city? There was food there, and solid walls, and high buildings, and some electricity still, and..."
"Yeah and about a thousand crawlers trying to eat us every second of every day and we can't even use the electricity you idiot - " Muscles is done listening to them constantly asking to return to civilization.
"WOULD YOU GUYS SHUT UP AN LISTEN FOR A SEC?!" the secret weapon is staring out into the woods where they had just come from.
Once silence fell over the camp it was clear what Secret Weapon was nervous about.
There was definitely something pacing around the edge of the clearing. Moving slowly but surely towards the campfire...

Pick a forest to continue! Leave the number you choose in the comments below!




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decisions decisions....what do you think tablo? tablo: running up hill makes it harder to run away plus we can't see what's on the other side. but if it's safe we have a great view point. the clearing on the second one leaves nowhere to hide but they can't hide either....and 3 makes a good hiding spot but we can't see them either..... I say forest 2
Forest 3! Why the heck not!?😏
Forest one lol
3! maybe please dont kill dem
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