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Be sure to check out @RosePark's challenge!! As you know, I treasured Fairy Tail as a anime and manga when I was little so.....;)
Happy!!! [Aka Natsu's sidekick, brother, bestfriend, bff and family] Haha, so instead of just using gifs to explain my point, I'll add some words!! Happy, from what I see is the most important character in the entire anime for me. Sure, Natsu's damn great. Erza's is definitely one of the strongest women I've ever seen. But without Happy, where's the happiness? Where's the fun that some people seek from a warm, comforting anime? Happy is definitely the best sidekick I've ever seen in anime!

Cuddly Gifs!!

Remember to do @RosePark's challenge!!! HAVE FUN AND A GOOD NIGHT GUYSS!!!
Ugh, such a cute sidekick!!
Also when I saw the first gif I thought you had actually picked Mahiro
xD definitely! reminds me of Kon as well but Kon is kinda annoying sometimes :S