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Hello Vinglers! I just want to introduce myself. My Vingle name is @mchlyang, but you guys can call me Michael (or Mike, whatever floats your boat). And...

I am the new Community Moderator for the Sports Community!

So let me briefly introduce myself.

My favorite sport is baseball. I've watched it all my life and my dream was to play in the big league one day (looks like that's not happening any time soon). My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Pirates!

Also, if you guys are also interested in baseball, here are some communities that you guys might also be interested in joining!
And of course...go join the Pittsburgh Pirates Community!

I also love watching football (or as the U.S.A. likes to call it: soccer). I try to keep up with all the major games (UEFA Champions League, World Cup, etc.). My favorite team is Chelsea of the English Premier League!

If you are interested in football like me, here are some communities you might be interested in joining!
Also....go join the Chelsea Community!

And finally, my favorite basketball team is the Georgetown Hoyas, because well, I am a Hoya myself and I love going to their games. Shoutout to my boy, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera!

Here are some recommendations for basketball fans!
(Unfortunately, the Hoyas don't have their own community just yet.)

Well enough about me! I want to hear about your favorite sports and teams. Comment below and let's talk sports!


Hope to see more fellow Vinglers in the Sports Community!

@karencorchado No you are! Thanx for all the support! It means a lot!
@mchlyang thanks 馃槈 congrats to you and your the best.
@alywoah Thank you! And everyone interested in fitness and power lifting, you guys should check @alywoah's cards!
@jeff4122 Interesting choice....but I understand your point. But I also want to see top class football from all the best teams from each European League. Which is why I lean toward rooting for a team that also participates in the Champions League!
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