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After watching so many animes and reading so many mangas in your lifetime, and cosntantly adding more to these lists, you have seen so many powers that you know you would just love to have. Incredible, awe-inspiring powers.
However, knowing yourself, you know that you should never get any of these powers. You would either abuse them and accidentally hurt people, or just mess it up real bad and wind up hurting yourself.
These are the powers you shouldn't be allowed to have.


This was the first big power you encountered in your journey as an anime watcher. You would see Goku learn the Kamehameha from Master Roshi, when he used it to put out a mountain that was on fire. It became a staple of the show, a mainstay ability of Goku's, and Gohan's, and Goten's...and that one time Piccolo used it...and also Cell...
You'd have it, and immediately use it to test it, and blow a hole in the wall. Also, you'd probably be sent flying, because you wouldn't have been bracing yourself. So all in all, lose-lose for you.


You grew some more advanced tastes in your anime watching, and Code Geass became one of your faves. Why wouldn't it? It's got intriguing characters, a weird approach to historical fiction, and super crazy eye powers. Yep, it checks all the interest boxes.
With every Geass being different, it would be hard to determine what your particular Geass would manifest as. It can be said, though, that it probably comes with a caveat or two that make its use a little restrictive. But you don't care about that! You've got powers now, damn it! so you'd probably use it over and over and over until it becomes a runaway Geass and you need to be handled. By someone smarter than you.

Titan Shifting

You eventually got on board the AoT train, because why not? It's a dope anime. You feel things when you watch it. You feel for the characters, forced into terrifying circumstances in order to survive. You feel hope for these characters as they struggle against the looming threat of the rapacious, voracious titans. Then you witnessed as Eren shifted for the first time into a Titan, and your jaw hit the floor.
You can already see why you should never, ever, ever have this power, right? Well if you don't, think about it. When would it ever be practical to transform into a 50 meter tall monster? Why would you ever have to use this power? If you ever find yourself in a situation where this is not only a tangible solution, but one you find yourself hoping for, you need to stop what you're doing and reevaluate some stuff.

A Death Note

Okay, so technically it's an object with the power, not you. Still, the item and its power is useless without a user, so it counts. In any case, this item is something so absurdly powerful that it took the world's greatest detective in order to determine that it was even a thing, and who was using it. It allowed Light to do some pretty messed up stuff, with very little risk to himself (for a while).
You should never have this ability. Like really. You probably don't want to kill anyone, right? If you do, please don't do that. Instead maybe seek counseling. Or kill virtual people in a video game. The thing is, sometimes you get angry. Sometimes you think or say things you don't really mean, in the heat of the moment. Do you really want to have this power at your fingertips in one of those moments? You'll definitely regret it.

The Sharingan

One of the most distinctive and recognizable powers in all of anime, this power is god-tier. At it's most basic, it allows you to see what your opponent's next move will be, as well as copy the abilities of others, so long as they aren't a kekkai genkai. As the ranks of it grow, so does it's power, but also the toll it takes on its user.
You really want this one. You can convince yourself that the basic incarnation of it would be enough for you, that you wouldn't want to increase it's power past the entry level. But that's just not the case, is it? Every sharingan user has become possessed by a desire to increase the strength of the ability. You feel like you might be stronger than Sasuke or Itachi? Stronger than the overpowering will of the sharingan? Doubtful. Just leave this one alone, eh?
What powers do you think you would want? What powers do you think would definitely be a bad idea? @poojas @rosepark @pikachugirlxD @SeanHill1 @DeandreFujin
I would pick Luffy's gum gum fruit but i know i would lose control and fuck too many girls with my elastic penis
well for me id actually want the death note bbbuuutttt, i know i shouldn't have it along with natsu's fire dragon slayer magic but id end up burning shit down and likewise with grays ice maker magic. id end up freezing shit 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿
I think I would have to go with Kamehameha, because I can destroy a building that I really hate. hehe ;p
mera mera no mi\flare flare fruit from one piece
from one piece
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