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Kermit might have a new lady, but Miss Piggy is still on top.

As the Muppet's graced the television screens this past week, we couldn't get enough of Miss Piggy. I mean, who can? She's amazing and Kermit was a fool for moving on. When it comes to the Queen of pigs, her fashion game is on point. Not only is she a fashion guru, but she also happens to be wise behind her years. Her words are relatable and she is definitely pro-women.
In case you missed my previous card on some uplifting words by Miss Piggy, you can check out the card [see here] and if those quotes happen to make your day [which I'm sure they will] than you should continue scrolling to read some mantras by our favorite pig that every woman should follow. Let's admit it, she knows a thing or two when it comes to that thing called fashion.
"I always have to maintain a seamless continuum of high style. How would I define that style? Enchanting, enthralling, entrancing. And when I'm out on a date: sassy, saucy, and seductive."
"It's true that I am always perfectly coiffed, moisturized, powdered, styled and otherwise fabulously turned out. My routine is simple: I have a team of makeup artists and hairdressers on call 24/7. However, in the unlikely event that I don't look my best, I have a publicist who is absolutely marvelous at getting rid of unflattering photos."
"There was a time when I wafted in the winds of every fashion trend. As for most of us, this resulted in some extremely unfortunate run-ins with spandex, bejeweled headbands, and can't-get-through-the-doorway shoulder pads. I have become far more discriminating about what I wear."
"I believe that style comes in all sizes, and therefore the bigger you are, the more stylish you are. So, whoever you are and whatever your size, love yourself for who you are! And if that doesn't work out, love me for who I am."

Let those quotes sink in.

Miss Piggy knows.