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Prove you're the best at Marvel trivia!

We played this game last week but @ButterflyBlu @LAVONYORK @VixenViVi @shantalcamara proved that the hints made it *way* too easy. So this week is going to be much harder! You're only getting TWO hints this time. Can you guess which character I'm thinking of?
This character was originally an animal, not a person He used to only have arm hair when not in costume
Imagine I'm sitting somewhere dark and laughing maniacally!
I'm not giving any hints yet but I will say that I'm sitting here cackling at my keyboard right now... I feel very devious
Squirrel Girl maybe... I'm not a Marvel buff as I am a DC buff.
@DanRodriguez haha I'm not sure how much help google will be.... @BeannachtOraibh @ChosenKnight haha maybe after more people guess I'll give a hint...
Wow. This is hard! Resisting temptation to Google it, though. Hmmm....
i want this to be Elizabeth from Gintama because there's certain times where you can see hairy legs out the bottom of the costume but I know it's not lmao
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