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Everyone in the valley where I live - and the next one over - is talking about mountain lions right now. It's all because of this picture:
That is a mountain lion on top of a power pole, y'all! O_o An eyewitness stated that a school bus full of children pulled up right next to this creature. The lion was startled by the shrieking children and ran up the pole to hide. (Wouldn't you?) I'm not too surprised to see the mountain lion... just a bit shocked to see one up there like that! Apparently, officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife were pretty stumped, too. They spent hours trying to determine how to handle this problem. They didn't want to shoot the kitty with tranquilizers, because when it fell, it would be very likely hurt after taking a 35 foot drop. But they obviously couldn't just climb up and grab a wild mountain lion, either. Of course, the majority of netizens said, "just shoot it." Fortunately, while they were debating this, the cat climbed back down!!
These are views from my property. Picture 1 is looking down from the back half of my property into the valley. Picture 2 - standing on higher ground looking down onto the front half of my property. Can you see the problem? And I'm only midway up the mountain!
I've had mountain lions (and a young bear!) in my yard on multiple occasions. They come closer to our homes now because there isn't enough water in their territory right now. They can't find food and water, so they come over and ask for a snack. Seriously... 10 feet from my back door, as if asking to borrow a cup of sugar. Several dogs have been attacked and some killed. This leads to issues for everyone: Fish and Wildlife officials, parents, dog owners, hikers, etc. I, of course, worry about my dogs. My dachshund would be an appetizer for any mountain lion that could catch him. :(
So what should we do about such things? Kill the animals? Relocate them? That's the debate happening right now, but this problem isn't new. We talk about it right around this time every year. Do you live in an area where things like this happen? What's the strangest animal you've had to deal with? Do you have an opinion?
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I agree with all of you. I would never kill them. It really made me angry to see people saying those things, but some people are just Heartless about these types of events. Over here, people are either "Save them All" types or very uncaring. I'd save them, fwiw. I was the one naming all of the family chickens so my parents couldn't use them for food. (My grandpa and dad loved that!) I understand that they are dangerous animals. I am not looking to tame them, but as far as I'm concerned, if you can't live with them, move to the city. Maybe I'm just used to it, though? The animals shouldn't have to pay for our selfishness.
We'll, if that one was easily scared up a pole by screaming children, then the answer is simple. Have packs of children running around screaming.
kill them, make a necklace of teeth. hang a head on a pike as a warning to the rest of them.
@VinMcCarthy VIN!!!! 馃檧馃樋
Crazy pic! No mountain lions in the San Fernando Valley, here. Tons of UFO sightings, however, along the Santa Monica Mountain Ridge in Malibu...spooky...