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It's gotta be my favorite. At first ,I wasn't interested at all. I watched the anime dubbed on Toonami and was like "really? he can stretch? lame...." but I made a huge mistake. One piece is amazing! I gave it another shot, subbed this time and I've been hooked ever since. I like it so much that I'm always on the lookout for theories or anything related to it.
When people tell me that it has too many episodes I'm like....
YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!!! This is an epic tale that grabs ahold of you and never let's go. As you begin your journey along side Luffy, you start to believe in him and his dream. Then your family starts to grow as more characters are introduced. Soon it's just you and The Strawhats off on adventure after adventure. Don't let the number of episodes or chapters scare you off, this is a story unlike any other.
My favorite character is Trafalgar Law. I have tons of favorites but he's my number one pick. I like him so much that I even cosplay him.
I'm not saying watch it all tonight because that's impossible but give it a try if you haven't already. I guarantee you'll love it, I know I do.
I have to agree here, anyone who hasn't seen one piece yet should definitely go and watch it :P The number of episodes already out might seem a bit scary but personally I been watching it when there were hundreds of episodes out, and I seriously sped through the episodes so quickly. Basically I was really happy there was already so many episodes out because it meant I could watch it whenever I wanted without end :P @poojas I saw "One Piece" and I almost wrote an entire encyclopedia on it just now lol But seriously to anyone who's not sure about OP watch it because no matter what type of genre your into, your dreams will be fulfilled with One Piece (OP is my favorite anime so I had a bit of a fan girl moment lol)
one piece is the best
This is one anime that's I've resisted watching forever. I have a bunch of friends who keep encouraging me to, though. I might have to start giving it a chance soon.
one piece is great anyone who can should catch up before the end which means you have a good 5 to 10 more years to do soo it'll be worth it because I promise you the end of this anime will be one of the greatest ending maybe of all television history
@Thagurok *heart attack*
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