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Goodbye September. Hello October

Fall is upon us and we have made it to yet another week of my weekly favorites. It's crazy how quick this week flew. It seems like just yesterday I was sharing my favorites with you all [see here]. This week was a rather chilled week, so I don't have too many favorites.
The few favorites that I do have this week are definitely worth the recognition. I love getting my hands on products that I feature and this week, that is exactly what I had the pleasure of doing. To find out what featured product I finally have in my possession, keep scrolling for my Friday faves.

Faux Suede Chelsea Boots

As we all know, suede is definitely in this season. I saw these babies and immediately fell in love. I'm not sure if it was the suede or the tan that drew me in, but I have absolutely no complaints. They are super comfortable [although they sometimes rub the back of my ankle]. They were affordable and they look amazing with pretty much anything.

Zara Femme Perfume

If you've been following my beauty faves for some time now than you know how madly in love I happen to be with Zara fragrances. I had recently run out of all of my favorites and was in need of something new and fresh. I tested out this scent and immediately fell in love. This scent is gentle with soft notes and perfect for any occasion.

Coconut Oil and Grapeseed Oil

While showing my hair some much needed tender loving care, I decide to do an oil treatment before going about my regular routine. I am a huge fan of coconut oil, but wasn't too familiar with grapeseed oil. I decided to combine the two and let them sit on my hair for a couple minutes. Let's just say after washing my hair, my hair was softer than it has ever been and let's not forget to mention how amazing it smelled.

Simple Micellar Water

If you saw my card on micellar water earlier this week [see here] than you know just how amazing it claims to be. I couldn't pass up the opportunity of finding out just how great it was for myself, so I gave in. Although I purchased the drugstore brand, after doing my research I learned that the Simple brand was just as good as any other brand. Usually after removing my makeup I still feel like my face isn't completely clean, but after using this micellar water just once to remove my makeup my face felt flawlessly clean.

Ladies, chime in. What are some of your friday favorites?

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obsessed with all zara perfumes and their prices. I haven't tried out the white, have to try that next and thanks girl, I'm obsessed with the boots @TessStevens
It's really fresh and floral @jordanhamilton
Def going to look into it :) @TessStevens thank you
Thanks for the info, @jordanhamilton! I've never thought Zara has great fragrances! Definitely check it out!
you are very welcome. trust me, they are amazing @nylonchef9