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Leonardo DiCaprio is many things: actor, activist, investor and badass.

He is also the KING OF WEEKENDS. Nobody does weekends like Leo, and this first weekend of October, you should too.
Here are a few ways for you to DiCaprify your weekend. Trust me, you'll want to.

First thing's gotta relax.

Even someone as busy as Leo has to take a rest every once in a while. The weekend is a time to have fun, also for rejuvenation. You have to rest while you can. And even though this stony mountain or...whatever isn't the best place to do that...Leo takes a rest when he can. So, if you're able, spend a few hours doing nothing in bed, or your house before venturing out.

After you feel recharged, you should get some sun.

Get outside and do something fun. Leo likes messing around with squirt guns and what not. You can take a walk, or like...find a squirt gun I guess. It's getting too cold for that, but still...It's the thought that counts.
Anyway, if you look this happy doing whatever...just do it. I guess.

Buy a yacht and do some kicking or whatever.

You know, normal stuff.
Your weekend will be so much better after you make a large purchase, say for instance, a yacht. Spending money feels good, and what other way to celebrate than to do some ninja kicks?
I'm not sure what's happening here...but it looks better than anything I'm doing.

Iron your clothes.

Find a nice, high mountain somewhere and set up your ironing board. Get those wrinkly clothes out and use your weekend as a way to get ahead. Cleaning and ironing are things that are best done on the weekend, because then you have time.
The whole mountain/ledge thing is optional.

Get a new pet.

Round up your swan friends and be ready for a weekend of fun! You may have a cat or dog, but think for a moment if you had a SWAN for a pet?
Yeah...Now you're Di-Caprio-ing.

Brood over things that you can't control.

It wouldn't be a Di-Capri-Fied weekend without a little bit of envy. So look at your friend's facebook's and mull over their achievements. A little bit of anger and crying will do.

Go for a walk.

Nothing is better than DiCaprio walking. Look how happy he is. So glorious.
If you want to DiCapri-fy your've gotta walk it out. It's just the truth. I mean look at that face.

There you have it! Now you've got a kickass weekend ahead. DiCaprio would be proud.

@danidee all in a weekend's work, but not this weekend. lol
"buy a yacht" K lemme just get my 50 mil real quick lol
I'm going to buy a yacht captain hat then go out on the pond behind my house in my little canary yellow kayak and party.
when he is clean shaven he is a handsome devil
@TessStevens Yeah! Let's get together and have a race! :D
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