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dear sister
you've been my sister for a long time how can you still say these things? we're supposed to make it out together not one leaves the other behind we both make it or neither of us do why can't you understand that? this is a war and no man or woman gets left behind I'm not losing you I'll save you at any cost please just wake up and see that you've been in my life a long time and we've been alot to each other siblings, friends, crushes now we're soldiers I put my life on the line for you and I know you'd do the same for me so why can't we live for each other? do we really have to die? I hope you wake up and realize that I love you your the best sister I could ever hope for and I hope you know what would happen if I lost you dear sister two wrongs don't make a right
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I know how you feel but we can't they need to find their own way out and we'll be there no matter what happens just the fact they know we're here for them will help them if only a little all we can do is cheer them on til they come back
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@quietone Hi 馃憢馃槉 My name is Guerly, For some reason this card capture my attention. I don't know what's going on. But this really tuches me. and I think I'm going through something similar but not with my sister but a very good friend of mine.
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nice to meet you guerly, that's what I try to do with my writing I want people to be touched and feel something especially if maybe it'll help the feel understood or not take someone in their life for granted.
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@quietone @ButterflyBlu I know how this feels too... going through something similar (and have been for quite some time) with my sister. It's tough to watch someone you care about so, so much make such bad choices with their life. And to watch them unhappy and struggling, knowing you can't take that pain away. It's a really heavy burden to bear sometimes :(
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wow. so powerful and personal. this is really great. thank you for sharing it.
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