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this one is mean. i am not gonna make a story this time tho....
the boyfriend is bambam. our relationship must be complicated.... it didnt last long...
my crush is mark tuan. true story!
youngjae is my bff he listens to me complain!
jackson is my first kiss... post bam bam of course
Jr is mean and stole my ice cream... but its ok cuz he gave it back...
jackson is forever making my heart melt. i lost my v card to him.
during a very confusing weekend in vegas and jackson and i were separated my crush and i got friendly and had an incredibly short lived marriage. but i ended up preggers.
jackson and his unyielding love and forgiveness led to our marriage.
Poor maknae didnt stand a chance. cradle robbing aside he was never really very close with me and so he kept his secret admiring to himself.
the best friend became very jealous of jackson and mark because our friendship was strained. and we didnt get to see eachother as often.
Bonus: while we were dating bambam loved to buy me food!
@AimeeH hehe!
i lied about no story my bad
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@SharayahTodd Haha its all good dear!
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@SharayahTodd I love this! ^●^
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bruh this really does seem like something that could happen with those exact people
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