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1. Do not play against her in poker. She will end up with your wallet, shoes, and dignity.
2. Her iPod is full of ballet music.
3. She and Clint have a weekly coffee date where they gossip about other superheroes.
4. Her phone is full of embarrassing videos of Nick Fury. Just in case.
5. Nick is aware of the videos. He keeps trying to get some of her but he's had no luck.
6. Alcohol is not really her thing, but she'll drink a Moscow Mule after a really hard mission.
7. She writes about the Avengers for Buzzfeed under an alias. She has mad .gif skills.
8. Halloween is her favorite holiday, because she can walk around in disguise and it's not weird.
9. She doesn't think of herself a brave. It doesn't matter how many people she saves, how much the odds are against her, she will get the job done and she will never accept any praise. She will always think that her ledger is full of red.
10. There are cat treats in her pantry for the stray that sleeps near her apartment.
@purplem00n23 I *love* that. He was gone for like half an hour and this is what he finds XD
@shannonl5 I can try. I have never made a card before though. still new to the whole Vingle thing.
hey are there anymore of these headcannons? they are fun to read
It took me awhile to read the gif is one of my favorite scenes!!! I just have this picture in my head of Natasha sitting around a table counting her winnings while everyone else is walking away with no money, barely little clothing, as Clint is coming back from a food run and asks Natasha "I thought you were going to take your time"
@LadyExperiment I'll try to help you if I can! I actually used this guide a lot when I first got started you can always leave your own headcanons in the comments as well ^_^
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