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My Kpop Song List Needs to GROW!!
Hello you wondeful people who love Kpop! :D I am currently trying to expand my kpop music besides just VIXX, BTS, and B1A4 (even though I still love them with all my heart!)
If you guys have any suggestions of songs or groups, LET ME KNOW PLEASE! :3
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I suggest some 2pm, jooyoung, zion t. and crush.
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Oh also all of BigBang has really successful solo albums so definitely listen to them. The members of BigBang are G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung & Seungri.
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I forgot N. Flying!
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Seventeen seems kind of intimidating with 13 members but I learned them within like, 4 days. They're also a really REALLY talented rookie group with so much potential and charm. I reccomend them and Day6! Day6 is actually a band! They play instruments and sing and the oldest member is fluent in English and so it's always nice to know what they're saying! He tries to keep the non-Korean fans up to speed. c:
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