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Day 4 Question: What do I like about each member?
I love how he always tries his hardest and ace everything he does. Even if Hyuk only has a small part (like in Error) he makes the best of it and that makes him stand out. And he also may (May: Understatement) stand out because he down right hotttttt.
Even though our Hongbin is sexy on stage and is the visual of the group *whisper*- hes still a cutie pie :3. AND NOT TO MENTION HIS HAIR AND AB GAME IS ON POINT!
Ken, ahhh our Canadian friend. Where do I start......HE IS FREAKING ADORABLE AND HAS MORE THAN ONE PERSONALITY! There is literally a personality for every type of vixx lover, (Hes a major bias wrecker) AND WERE STILL WAITING FOR THOSE ABS KEN!
N ( aka.Bias :3):
N is a loveable little squirt, hes ADORABLE, and he is the Mom of the group, always making sure his babies are Ok. WE ARE ALSO WAITING FOR YOUR AB DEBUT HAKYEON!
Mah English speaking babeh. He is adorable, sexy, cute.....did I mention sexy....I mean... LOOK AT THOSE ABS, BOOM. He is a hard worker and an AWESOME rapper :D
Last but not least....THE BIAS WRECKER. Leo acts all tough and quiet on the outside but in reality he is a big softy who gets embarrassed when you compliment him :3. And EVERYTHING is on point with him <3. Hakyeon is my bae but, Taekwoon is SUPER CLOSE behind him.
CYA BUBS! *Wave*
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