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It happens to the best of us.

No, not heartbreak, but split ends. We hate them, but sometimes we just don't have the energy to cut them ourselves or the money to pay someone to cut them for us. What if there was an easy and affordable technique that would allow you to kiss your split ends nightmares goodbye?
Doing it yourself always is tricky and taking a chance can give you heart palpitations, but believe me when I say that these quick steps will have your hair good as new in no time. If you're up for a challenge, keep scrolling to read the steps you must take for perfection. Breathe in, breathe out and grab the scissors.

Supplies You Will Need:

sharp scissors
a chopstick [or your finger]
clean hair
and of course, patience.

Step One:

Detangle hair and make sure it is combed straight down.

Step Two:

Take a section of your hair [about one inch] and wrap it around your finger or a chopstick.

Step Three:

Cut all the stray hairs about half an inch that are sticking out.

Step Four:

Unwrap your hair and embrace the amazing change.

Steps To Preventing Future Split Ends:

1. Make sure that you always condition your hair after shampooing.
2. Avoid all shampoos that are sulfate based.
3. Keep your hair protected from the outdoors [wind and sun].
4. Use a hair mask once per week to repair damaged hair.

Let's get to snipping away.

this idea is pretty ingenious
definitely!!! @Ishizu123