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Thank you @poojas for tagging me in your {Monday Madness} challenge! This week I chose Shiki No Uta from Samurai Champloo. I hope you enjoy my selection!
It took me a while to pick *just one* ending theme song. There are so many! One of the things I love most about anime is the music. It often compliments the series in ways that the music in American television shows don't explore.

The design work done on Samurai Champloo is still incredible to me, years after seeing it.

The fusion of hip-hop and traditional Japanese art aesthetics is incredible! It gave the story this strange energy, making the world feel like it was out of place somehow- definitely captured the growing pains of the period in a beautiful way.
@littlemaryk @RaquelArredondo it's still such a great anime, I saw it years ago and I still love it!
Ahhh so sad (the ending) but awesome!!! ^^
Such a great anime and song. It's a song I've kept on all my phones ^.^
Oh you and Champloo, you two cant be separated~ Love it xD
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