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In an effort to get more music from the bruh, @danidee (lol ), I decided to see if I could pick five (probably more lol Because I'm the type of person where I keep coming up with new ones and I want to keep posting them lol) songs that make me feel aggressive and invincible enough to where I spit fire and/or cuss excessively and/or rock the hell out and/or be deaf for a few hours after and/or attempt to replicate every instrument/beat AND vocals at the same time, whilst driving over double the speed limit! Because we all have them! You're listening to it and you're like, "YEAH! THIS IS MY S**T!!" And then your foot starts pressing harder on the gas pedal and the next thing you know you're going 110 M. P. H. No? Just me? (.-. )
The New York Chainsaw Massacre PT. II, by That's Outrageous! Aggressive, amazing beginning that gives me goosebumps when I hear it cranked up and awesome rough vocals with a contrasting clean vocals before it picks back up.
Clique, Kanye West I also love Tyga's version of it haha But yeah, this song XD
6 Foot 7 Foot, Lil Wayne "had my heart broken by this woman named Tammy, but hoes gon be hoes" YEAH, HOES ARE GONNA BE HOES! I like the whole song just for that haha
Shady 2.0, by Shady, Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse This goes hard and is one of my favorite cyphers.
Collard Greens, schoolboy Q ft. Ken Lamar Hahaha Kendrick is funny as hell in this. "Hold up, biatch, this your favorite song. Translation: Ven aqui, mami, ese culo. Tu quieres cojer mis huevos, y papi me desespero chuparse puto pendejo, el pinche cabron "
Paul Revere, by BEASTIE BOYS!!! Sorry. I know their name isn't capped, but it should be. This song is B. A. AF.
Chemical Burns, by Sadistik, Eyedea and Lotte First off... R. Eye. P. Michael Secondly, Sadistik is my favorite artist. This song is fun as heck to follow along with.
Jay Z. Fun song haha I had to perform this song before I could paste it here. BALL SO HARD MUWTHAFUWKAS WANNA FINE ME!
Kill You, Eminem Savage. 'Nuff said.
Ain't gonna see it coming, by T. I. If you haven't listened to his new EP, do so haha It's pretty good, and I'm not really a T. I. fan haha I think I'll conclude it here, even though I could easily keep going, but I need to close the store down lol @ButterflyBlu @allischaaff @shannonl5 Would you like to share your rebellious driving songs too? Haha (Please? ^.^ ) and anybody else! I love being introduced to new music! I'm always seeking to expand my musical library!
@VinMcCarthy NEVER!!!!!!!!!1
@danidee take that back, you heathen!
@VinMcCarthy Rules are made to be broken. Even Kenny rules.
@danidee no one speeds to Kenny G. they take it at a safe 45.
Bruh, this is too hard for me. When I speed down the freeway, it's usually to Kenny G.
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