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Okay! I know I am a day early, but I'll be busy tomorrow, so I'd rather post it early instead of forgetting it! So if you have been with me from the beginning, continue on. New, welcome! Just Screenshot each Gif below to reveal your results. You can either post in comments or make your own card. Completely up to you! I have enjoyed reading everyone's results!! So let's begin! Credit for this Suggestion goes to: @SusiBosshammer @panouvang
Categories: Best Friend Crush Secret Admirer Takes You on a Date Takes You on a Dream Vacation Wants You to tour with him Jealous One Writes a Ballad for you Breaks Your Heart Married & Have Kids
My Results: Everyone and I mean everyone I talk to have heard about all the tables being flipped. I have completely died inside T.T *CRIES IN a fetal position for weeks* Dongwoo and I were talking one day about how we grew up together. So many memories were shared, since we had been best friends for a while. He called me up one day and asked if I wanted to come spend time with him and the guys'. Of course I'd go since we were so close. That was when I would meet the guy, which I had thought, at the time, would sweep me off my feet. They called him by Sungkyu, but I wanted him to be the one I dated. With Dongwoo being my best friend, he hid that he had feelings for me, and just admired from afar. *CRIES*. Woohyun, his other friend that I had known for a while, wanted to take me on a date. He seemed like a really sweet guy, so I said yes. Not happy with what was going on, and not receiving attention anymore, Sungkyu decided we would go to Paris. I always have dreamed of visiting, but I hadn't the chance to do so yet. After we returned, Seungyeol called me up. He wanted to take me with him to tour, since he considered me a close friend. Woohyun was angry & seemed jealous for some reason, but he never told me why. I didn't know what to do. He didn't speak with me for quite sometime. The weeks went on without me hearing anything from him. Sungkyu decided that he wasn't feeling anything for me and broke my heart; I never heard from him again. Woohyun finally met with me after some time, but he wasn't alone. He brought Hoya, and It was love at first sight! We dated for years, but what was sweet was that I found out he liked me for sometime before approaching me. The day he proposed, Woohyun was there singing the song that Hoya asked him to write for me, when the time was right. We got married shortly after, and started a sweet little family!
OKAY if you participated in the last games, I tagged you. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. If you don't want to be tagged anymore, let me know.  If you want me to tag you, let that be known as well. @beckiboop1996 @Emealia @glostick @herreravanessa9 @VixenViVi @nykechun @Roxy1903 @baileykayleen @PrettieeEmm @xxxtina @KiKi29 @jazzymgriff @B1A4BTS5ever @addri @CristinReynolds @amandamuska @MichelleIbarra @KatieRussell @kfeind7 @Exoexo @Baekyeol27 @ElizabethT @SHINeeIngGirl @NancyVongvilay @Taijiotter @najalong1998 @MeeshellBuchan @KpopGaby @netchtiBates @Mariloveexoexo @Sidneylovekpop @glostick @KellyOConner @addri @SusiBosshammer @heidichiesa @panouvang123 @CristinReynolds @KarlythePanda66 @nykechun @AmbieB @JaxomB @adikiller @oatakukpopgirl @SarahVanDorn @wllmvns @lovelikematoi @kpoplover492 @tayunnie @ChelseaJay @DenieceSuit @SkullBunneh @InnocentiaKishi @SharayahTodd @laugh7love7live7 @KendraAlsaybar @inuyashagal @aiisson So drop a comment below, or make a new card.  Completely up to you.  Thanks again for all the participation, I have enjoyed reading everyone's results! *BONUS* I'll be doing a Vixx screenshot game on Saturday!
@AimeeH Story Time: "Seungyeol! Jagi! Kids?" There was no answer, not even a noise coming from within the house. Stepping into thw kitchen, I found a note. "Really? He knew I was coming back today." Seungyeol took the kids for a trip to his mother's, they'd be back this weekend. I'd been gone for two weeks, a work/vacation thing with Dongwoo. He'd been the only one available to go with me and he made it seem like a dream. "Be right there!" The doorbell chimed loudly in the empty house. I pulled the door open, smiling "Hoya!" "Jagi!" He smiled in return, tugging me into a hug. "Yah, don't call me that." I laughed and smacked his arm. "Hoya, be nice and take me to dinner. My family left me all to myself and you know I'm terrible at cooking." "Anything for you. Come on, I'll take you to your favorite place." Locking up, we headed out. - Soon we'd finished dinner, laughing half drunk down the street. Hoya holding me tightly around the waist, supporting most of my weight. "Let's go to my studio." I nodded, grinning and leading the way to his work place. - "I love this place. So relaxing!" I spun around in the chair. Watching him lazily as he played with the computer. "Whatca doing?" "I want you to listen." Hoya smiled and pressed a few keys. "You wrote this?" There was a pregnant pause after my question. "Hoya?" I sat up, looking at him. His face was contorted in concentration. I reached out and touched him arm, pulling his attention. "I-I wrote it for you." My fingers curled slightly as my hand left his arm. "Oh. It's a lovely song, thank you." He caught my hand in both of his, pulling it back towards him. "I know we've been over this already but-" "Hoya, I can't." "Please just go with me. It's just one tour and then you can decide if you wanna-" I yanked my arm away, sobered up completely now. "I thank you for the song but I really need to leave." Abruptly standing, I left his studio. I knew this was going to happen, it does nearly every time we're alone together. Standing outside, the late October air nipped at me and pulled the coat tigher around me. Pulling my cell phone out and dialing a number, I waited for the familiar tan car to arrive. "Hey." I smiled and half waved at the man jogging up to me. "Where's your car?" "I was just a few blocks over." SungJong wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close. "The boys and I were getting a drink, join us for a bit." He guided me to the bar and we were greeted with warm smiles. My breath hitched up for a moment. Even in marriage, you found yourself crushing on others and mine so happened to be L. He was sitting there, nursing on a beer and sharing a joke with SungKyu. "Long time no see." L clapped me on the back and offered his beer up. We were sharing stories of high school days, embarrassing and otherwise. Laughing and gasping in utter fear of what the other would say. SungJong started on the story of when we become friends, it was after I confessed and was brutally turned down. The guy broke my heart but then started bringing me coffee every Tuesday to make up for it. "What about the time when SungKyu was discovered!" SungJong piped up, causing me to snort and Kyu to cringe. "I liked getting those notes! And the chocolate wasn't bad either." Grinning and knocking elbows with Kyu, I continued "Then I caught him putting a note in my locker one day." "I still say you should've married me." Kyu took a swing of his beer and smiled. Everyone knew he still held onto a hope for me but I loved my Seungyeol.
ahhh, i really cannot tell who is who except for Dongwoo. and google helped me figure out one is L haha. they're on my list to check out and dongwoo is so far my bias cause i love his hair and i find him funny in what I've seen of him but omg I'll just make a card and you can fill in the blanks for me because my mind hurts.
@StephanieDuong No problem! I'm working on the block b one!! thank you for participating! :D
@AimeeH thanks for making this!!! it was fun! :D
@StephanieDuong Haha yay!!! Sungkyu is adorable!
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