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Thank you @RosePark for tagging me in your challenge! Here's my favorite anime sidekick in action!

That's right, Ein!

That name means 'one' in German (which is why Ein is the #1 sidekick haha!). Ein is the cute little dog that follows Ed around in Cowboy Bebop. Definitely one of my favorite characters.
Good dog Ein. ^_^
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Ein! He was great in the Mushroom Samba episode! XD
2 years ago·Reply
It was actually "Who would you choose as your anime sidekick" :S Hey but i'll take it! I cant say no to Ein ★_★
2 years ago·Reply
@RosePark XD sorry. I would definitely pick Ein though. I want a dog so badly!
2 years ago·Reply
@DanRodriguez that was definitely my favorite Ein episode ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
I love Ein so great
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