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Okay so I live in Atlanta. That means I live in the home of the CDC. I'm pretty sure that if a zombie apocalypse were to ever happen in America it would start here. So.... yeah. I'm trying to move as soon as possible lol. Anyway, here's my crew.
*The Muscle* Jihoon/Bi/Rain makes the cut without question. He would put those "Ninja Assassin" moves to good use. He's quick, he's muscular, and smart. Jihoon would definitely keep us safe.
*The Brains* Namjoon/Rap Monster (BTS) might be one of the smartest idols in the game. Yes sometimes he's goofy, but when it all boils down he's a thinker. He's constantly thinking about the next move, but never forgetting about his last. I know he'd be a great asset to the team.
*The Scaredy Cat* Taecyeon (2PM) is scared of sheep. I repeat, SCARED... OF... SHEEP. Bruh, all that man with all those muscles is actually afraid of sheep. However I'm confident enough that if it came to our safety he'd man up. Because if he doesn't he'll be sacrificed. #sorrynotsorry
*The Secret Weapon* Jaebum/JB (GOT7) would definitely be the one to have. He's smart, light on his feet, agile, and learns quickly. I know he'd follow instructions very well while also giving tips to better the team.
*The Protector* JiHo/Zico was the first person I thought of to protect my crew. Zico has a very calculated mind. We'll need that, his strength, his edginess, and nerves of steel to survive.
*The Co-Captain* There would be no team without the love of my life. Junsu (JYJ) would be the one that binds us. His humor, sincerity, inner and outer strength, and perseverance would keep us going in our darkest hour.
And this would be me. I plan on not doing anything. I'd just like to chill while they work. Just let me be a cute kitten. I'm not shooting any zombies, I'm not cutting down trees, I'm not doing anything. They can sing, rap, and dance for me during our downtime. Thanks for tagging me, @kpopandkimchi. This was fun!
@KellyOConnor Thanks! I tried. It was harder than I thought. @MYAlpha Bi was the very first person I thought of when it came to muscle. And Taecyeon... Well... He better step up.
dang how could I forget about Bi(rain) he is the muscle! HAHA Taecyeon big bad a$$ scared of sheep. tsk keke. JB is skilled, the best.
I love your team!
@kpopandkimchi Lol I don't know. I had to put him on mine. He's forever my number one.