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this evening i was working with my boss. and i had asked in a months advanced for Sunday off because of the Big Bang Concert. and my boss was like....
so what do you have planned on Sunday???
i was like yeah im going to Big Bang concert in Anaheim (my boss is korean and she likes Big Bang)
and than she was like: Oh really(and im thinking she goin ask me to buy her merch.) well you know that weekends is hard to find someone to cover you. And can you not ask for another weekend off.
im like: (in my head) WTF!!!! um hello yeah did you forget that im the one that worked a frick n month and a half without a single day off!!! did i complain.....NO!!!
for realz though whether she likes it or not the reality is that i asked off for Sunday which is the only day out of the week that we close at 8pm instead of 9/9:30pm like ALL the other days!!! she should not be complaining i could have asked for the entire weekend but no i did not!!!
so i ended up ignoring her and listening to my music while i worked...