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Lighting up in a car with a child? Well, you might face fines in England and Wales. Recently they banned smoking in cars with kids. The law applies even if the vehicle's windows or a sunroof are open, so you can’t use the cracked window excuse.
Since the ban of smoking in the workplace, this is the first anti-smoking enforcement in these countries.
"Today is truly a cause for celebration for all those who care about protecting the health of generations to come,” said Penny Woods, chief of the British Lung Foundation.

Kids don’t know what is good/bad for them.

Kids don’t know how to speak out and protect their own health.

Secondhand smoke is a reality, and if you have an adult who can’t put off smoking with a child around, then someone should step in. And in Wales and England, this is the reality.

Do you think this policy will help future generations health?

Now the rest of the world needs to adopt this policy. I understand cars are private property, but no one should ever smoke a cig when there's a child around!
i need this to happen in the US. It's so sad to me that children have to suffer and have no say.
I'm a smoker and I won't smoke with my kids in the car...hell I won't even smoke in my house
@nicolejb I think it's awesome, I just hope it's enforced. We have the same law in Australia, it's been enforced a total of 4 times in 3 years
I really appreciate that, and I think all smokers should have that attitude. @RobertMarsh thank you :)
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