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ok im a little disappointed but its cool i guess. @AimeeH im sorry ahead of time.
So Hoya and I had been best friends since predebut and it was a great friendship. after months of mixed signals hoya askes me out on a date, we go out and he sings me a ballad that he wrote for me. everything was fantastic and i was so in love with his amazing personality. he even took me on tour with him for our 1000 days. Thing then got complicated. His time got shorter and he would go days without communicating. finally he broke it off ripping my heart out and stomping it all over the ground... helater married a great friend of mine @aimeeh and there were no harsh feelings.
Sungjong had always viewed me as a noona and when hoya and i broke up he wanted desperately to distract me. So knowing that I had always wanted to visit new zealand he took me there and we had an awesome week just enjoying the beauty and culture!
it took a while but soon i developed a crush on Woohyun who had been there for me after the breakup. i never got the courage to confess to him tho *cries*
At the same time tHat I was talking to Woohyun I also became close friends with Sungyeol. He just always made me smile and laugh. it seemed like it could have been something but i never did find out.
Woohyun would always get jealous when i spent time with sungyeol. He would get mad when he texted me or called and i was with him. I think that was another reason i never confessed.
At a premier party that Sungyeol invited me to, a bright star entered my life. I had met him before but I had never really seen him. Jang Dongwoo walked into my life and never walked out. we spent the entire night talking and laughing. His big smile and adorable persona had me hooked. We started dating and two weeks after our 2 year anniversary we got married. we had 2 beautiful bright smiled children and grew old together.
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*I'm ojay.* *sniffles* I guess Hoya and I were just meant to be! in all seriousness I love this! I'm so glad for your results..