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CNBLUE's leader singer and actor Jung Yonghwa revealed his thoughts on the “Flower Boy Next Door” actress and their romantic rumors. CNBLUE was the guest on tvN's show “Taxi” on the episode aired on February 11th. On the show, the idol band was talking about their acting careers and Jung Yonghwa once again denied any relationship with Park Shin Hye. On a recent episode, Park Shin Hye appeared on the show and shared a story of the two, she said, “When were filming, I fell down,a nd you should expect your co-star to help you up, but Yonghwa didn’t even offer a hand or anything. He is just simple and innocent. I haven't seen his manly side.” When host Jun Hyun Moo told Yonghwa about the actress' story, Yonghwa said, “I have never had any romatic feelings for Park Shin Hye. We were close friends until those relationship rumors came around. Now it's just awkward between us.” On the show, the singer also shared his fear of people thinking he was making music for the sole propose of making money.
Seriously... so us fans made their relationship awkward... Well that sucks... we ruined their relationship 😡😡😬😬😬
man but you're still the best couple
Would any one who is from South Korea be willing to teach me some Korean I would really love to learn properly?