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Alright so on Mondays we MM, so you guys know what that means. I gotta answer this weeks question.: What's my favorite anime ending song(s)?
So when if first heard the question i thought "ha easy soul eater 1st ending" Why? Well, ive never skipped the ending song (until they changed it of course) but i never skipped it not even to get to the next episode. Alot of people seem to prefer the 2nd ending over the first... but as you can see i like the first better. What soul eater ending do you guys like the best 1, 2, or 3? Links for the endings: (ED: 2 ) (ED: 3 ) << I really like this one as well
This next one is from Uta No Prince Sama, and yes you now i gotta put "1000% LOVE" here. I just gotta i wouldnt be complete if i didnt. But hang on and hold up, i heard you like cosplay.... so how about we bring this ending to life :D (Just swipe on the video about to see the animation be brought to life)
Its sad but its true i may have an obsession with "Brothers Conflict" so today it going to have to slide into your dm's ....again lol So my last pick for favorite ending song would have to be from my favorite set of brothers, its 14 to 1 !! This song in the anime was actually first preformed by my favorite character Tsubaki Asahina..But since i included a live performance in for my previous song choice, it would only be fair to include one for Brothers Conflict aswell
Idk something about these songs just scream jam worthy to me, but dont worry these are just one my anime OP/ ED song playlist....meaning this is not the extent of my own anime song collection lol (not even close lol *So Scandalous plays softly in the background*) But that just me and my preferences, so if you guys haven't down this weeks {MM} challenge, make sure to do it because im interested to see what you guys come up with :) If you dont know what Monday Madness Challenges are then check out @poojas card to find out :P
Dudeeee, I love the 1st Soul Eater ending! And I need to watch Uta No Prince Sama. Looks cool!!! Thanks for doing the challenge, friend :)