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Hi Guys! How have you been?

I hope you guys have been having a good week so far, you don't want to be stressed out (I have been going nuts over my grades, KPop, sports, Clubs -science, robotics, engineering- I'm also a cheerleader and we are having a PepRally tomorrow -OMG don't even go there- And I'm my Student Council President, so we are already planning our Homecoming Dance, and I could name sooo many more, but that's not the point) this week. So, @kpopandkimchi here made this hilariously creative challenge for this October month -*Jack Skellingtons THIS IS HALLOWEEN starts playing in the background*- which is..... as stated in the tittle....


Anyway, basically the rules are to make your own little squad of 6 members (you will see in a bit) and she'll tag us in the challange every Friday or this coming Friday to see if our squad survives. So.... . . .


1. The Muscle

Jeon Jungkook from BTS is the one. The kid has grown soooooo dang much since the debut, its adorable. He might be the Maknae of the group, but hey, his nickname is MusclePig. Cmon. He can carry all the members. He even has a habit of carrying them and throwing them around LiveConcerts. Legit. He's also my 2nd ultimate bias so..... . . . .

¯\(°_o)/¯ Deal with it.

2. The Brains

GDragon from BigBang! I swear GD is goals. The man started singing and composing lirycs at the age of 5. Like, wutdaheck man?! Besides.... *Boromir from LOTR voice* One does not simply just not love GD......

3. The Scaredy Cat

BamBam from GOT7 is the only option. Basically, since the begging of my KPop destruction (GOT7 Started the whooole thing), I have always seen BamBam as a younger brother or doesang. No idea why, since he is older than me by a few years. But hey, he might be the queen of sass, the cutest member of GOT7, the aegyo one and on and on with the subnames, he still is a giant baby. Have you seen that season in RealGOT7 where they pranked all the members? No? Well, BamBam was scared the most. Like 938472928/10. Go check it out!

4. The Secret Weapon

Queen CL from 2NE1 is my guurl! I love her. I think Everything about her is innocent in a daring way. I don't know if you guys actually get me but, yeah. No body can actually touch her because even with all that makeup, those gorgeous cat eyes, and that charming clothes, Who knows? She might pull out a knife from thin air, cut slice a couple thousand aliens, go to India to say hi to elephants, and cone back to the States in less that 5 minutes. That's how badass she is.

5. Protector/Mother

JR from GOT7 is perfect for this! He is exteemly responsible, very mature and has always had that mother like nature everybody needs once in a while. He is extremely loyal, charming and would do anything for you if you have gained his trust, and respect. Even if you don't, he will take a bullet -or should I say bite?- for you. I love Him to death because of this

6. The Co-Captain

I'm going with Kai from EXO with this. He is very dedicated in his works, and has a leaderish personality. Yes, I understand he has a short temper, but he wants order. And.... He always does things with pride and passion, and will fight for everything he needs and can.


If you need to talk or anything, my inbox is always open! Have a good night/day everyone! oh and @kpopandkimchi don't forget to tag me on Friday okay?
@JaxomB I used to think he was pretty tough when it came to pranks and jokes, but then I saw the scare cams, and I lost it.
This is the second time I'm seen BamBam as the scary cat. I guess I just don't see BamBam that way.
But isn't Jungkook going to super geek out and fanboy over GD on his team?! LOL
ohh yeah! I barely noticed!