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And your favorite song comes on!

Now that's what I call dancing!

Now the Marlins need to start winning some games! How can you be so bad when you have a fan like that at your stadium?

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@alywoah He's the man....shame he's a Marlins fan.
Oh my god, I can't stop giggling. That kid is going to be Magic Mike one day.
@danidee Haha he def has the core power to become Magic Mike! Look at him use his core!
That's the best Marlins fan ever. Thumbs up to that little boy. I live right across the street from the Marlins stadium, next to my house is one of their parking lots and barely any cars park. The only time fans come is on opening day and when the Yankees came. Smh!!!
@karencorchado Ahh...that is very sad. I mean partly, it's the owner's fault because he was focused on networking and partying and used baseball in that manner. But, the club is beginning to change things and with Giancarlo Stanton and other talented players, the Marlins have so much potential! Well, I guess you need to win some games first and then hopefully, the fans will follow like the Toronto Blue Jays and KC Royals