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Aside from their shirts.

There's been a pattern in popular media lately, and unfortunately it's not new. While there are lots of nonwhite characters on TV and in films right now, the number is still far lower than current demographics. And even if that weren't the case, screen time for characters of color is often limited. That means that there's limited time for development, which means missed opportunities for positive representation. Shows like Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are outliers, not the norm.
Whether by design or by accident (or both), major franchises are neglecting an important part of the work they need to do. Of course, the job of a writer is to tell a great story. But the function of storytellers, long before we had television or even books, was to pass down our cultural identity. How can we say that's what we're doing today when our major stories neglect the identities of so many people?

Because Marvel doesn't have enough...

@jeffpeterrutan @littlemaryk @BleuRay @Drawing18 @BeannachtOraibh @VinMcCarthy @ButterflyBlu @melifluosmelodi @dustinparson @AimeeH @RobertMarsh @InPlainSight @Karthikkrazzy1 @DanRodriguez @Matokokepa @YoSoySoysauce @DonovanMoore @SierraWilson16 @MaraOwens @MattyIce @JenniferGoodman @KyleSearl @ChosenKnight how do you all feel? Is there more that writers and directors need to be doing to provide better support for the characters of color they have? Should show runners and casting directors be more open-minded when it comes to who they cast? Of course they should be prioritizing finding the best people, but could their personal biases be getting in the way? And what can we all as fans do?
im the one who's missing. Skinny Asian hero lol.
its true there isn't a lot of diversity but I also think the number is growing... most likely due to the rise in diversity in the artists... most characters are based of of a fantasy the original artist had and are someone that they can relate to so, I do predict a shift in the not too distant future.. as for the movies, they are just using some established characters because they know it will sell
This is unacceptable and things need to change. Enough with what is perceived as widely accepted eye candy. This Barbie doll mentality is just horrible. As a writer, myself, I make it a priority to include characters of different races and backgrounds.
@jeffpeterrutan I definitely see what you're saying- we should be creating roles for the performers that we have. Viola Davis kind of mentioned this in the speech she gave for her Emmy acceptance. You can't win awards for roles that aren't there. Which means that the writers need to be doing the work to make them, and the showrunners (and producers) need to be hiring writers to do so. And then yes, of course, we as fans have to support them when they do and be very vocal about why we are doing so.
@littlemaryk I think what you're saying makes sense, and like @RobertMarsh said they are using characters that have sold well in the past, the legacy that a lot of Marvel characters have makes them extremely marketable. And in the 30s and 40s when they were being created often writers couldn't be more diverse. But in later years that hasn't been the case. It seems like for a long time they pushed as far as they could go with characters like Black Panther and the Falcon, but the films seem to have gone backwards instead of forwards. I know with films there's a lot of money behind them and if they fail it's a huge loss for the studio, but why do they still see characters like this (especially the ones I've named which have a huge following) as a risk?
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