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Did you know that today is the 55th anniversary of 'Peanuts'?

Growing up, Snoopy was easily my favorite cartoon character. I drew him on everything. Plus I owned Snoopy t-shirts, a Snoopy watch, Snoopy shoes. I even tried to get everyone to call me 'Snoopy' in the 3rd grade, but the name never stuck.

Who's your favorite 'Peanuts' character?

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@ButterflyBlu I like how Lucy would be all up on him and he'd just be like I CAN'T HEAR YOU.
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@danidee EXACTLY! He's just playing his music, projecting that cool "get out of my bubble" attitude. Smh.
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I remember on Sundays when I sit looking out the window, wondering if my dad bought Sunday Comics home just to read the comics. haha childhood
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@NerukaWong LOL I WAS THE SAME WAY. I always loved the Sunday paper because the funnies section was so fun.
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