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Found this cute idea for my wedding table settings. This one features neon colors, but since my wedding is Tiffany Blue themed, I plan to alter it, color wise. What's great about this idea is that it can be adapted to any holiday, like Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas...etc. You can also adapt this to other linens as well!

Supplies Needed:

Kraft paper or newspaper
White cardstock
White and black confetti
White cotton napkins
A piece of cardboard, at least 15” x 15”
Double-sided tape
Neon fabric spray paints


1. Lay the Kraft paper or newspaper on your work surface to protect it.
2. Lay a napkin flat. You’ll only be spraying one corner of the napkin.
3. Place the cardboard on top of the napkin, leaving half an inch of the bottom and right edges exposed.
4. Spray the paint along the bottom and right edge of the napkin. The whole edge doesn’t need to be painted, but be sure that at least three quarters of the length of it is.
5. Let dry! (For a permanent dye, throw in the dryer for twenty minutes or iron your napkins to heat set the color.)
Pretty cute and easy to do, right? Let me know how well you do with this one! And be sure to see my other great DIY projects, by clicking here.