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The NFL finally has some good news regarding off-field behavior.

September was the first calendar-month since 2009 that no active NFL player was arrested!

Here is a tweet from Mike Rosenberg of the Reuters.
Now, we know there have been a lot of arrests.....but I honestly did not know it was this bad.

Is this something even worth celebrating?

And according to NFL Player Arrests - Arrest Database from USA Today...

there have been only two months (July 2009 & September 2015) without an NFL player arrest reported the past eleven years!

Wouldn't you agree?

@ButterflyBlu @mchlyang how is that worth them celebrating....
@mchlyang yeah he really does. It's becoming a joke, really. The commissioner just lets the players do what they want without repercussions... And some of the coaches are just as bad. Smh. Sometimes they don't even get benched. They keep playing and keep getting paid.
@ButterflyBlu Yes. Thank you for that. Exactly what I wanted to say. The commissioner really needs to step up and change things for the NFL.
@InPlainSight That is not what we meant....we were just mocking at the fact that the media is making such a big deal out of this. It should be like this every month!
@InPlainSight It should NOT be celebrated. It's embarrassing and it should be FIXED. It's a ridiculous problem, really, and it's totally out of hand. NFL players are constantly getting arrested. Just last season, there were two child abuse cases and several assaults, drunk driving, drugs, and one murder... and those are only the newsworthy reports. (The murder may have been in the off-season.) Obviously, Mr. Murder in jail, but the rest of the players are getting a slap on the wrist, Maybe a few games suspension, and they are right back in there playing as if nothing happened. The commissioner, owners, and coaches make excuse after excuse - "we didn't see the video", "it was a misunderstanding", etc. Even when the fans are yelling for something to be done and booing players, there still hasn't been a thing actually DONE. These are the same players that the youth of America are hero-worshiping and paying to go to camps to see and play with. It's a problem and it seems to be exclusively allowed in the NFL. It doesn't happen in any other league - not even close.
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