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So I literally know nothing about INFINITE except Dongwoo. But I plan to listen to them, so I decided to do this game and let me tell you. I tried so hard but in the end I failed epically.
Anywho. Here's my list. LOL!
Best Friend: L Crush: Sungyeol Secret Admirer: Sungjong Takes You On A Date: Woohyun Takes You On A Dream Vacation: Hoya Wants You To Tour With Him: Sungjong Jealous One: Dongwoo Writes A Ballad For You: Sungkyu Breaks Your Heart: Dongwoo Married & Have Kids: L
As you can see, after secret admirer I completely blanked and gave up. I'm not even going to attempt a storyline. I am completely at a lost for words. [EDIT: I filled in the blanks and apparently I did pretty good. YASSSSS] Also, Dongwoo how you gonna get jelly then break my heart like that? What did I ever do to you? CHALLENGE FAILED. @AimeeH
@MorganElisabeth I like to watch us suffer.
@AimeeH hehe, he is awesome. @MorganElisabeth new group for us to slip into and cry.
@ChelseaJay pls. y u do dis.
@ChelseaJay there's nothing wrong with that!! He's perfect! I love meeting people who love him!
@AimeeH, yes but mainly because he's the only one I know and I find him adorbs.
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