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I feel like as a community and lovers of music this should be something we can all talk about without it turning into something huge. Especially at this time in America I feel as if this is an important conversation. If you guys don't know who Truedy is she currently competing on Unpretty Rapstar. When I first heard her I was struck by how much she sounds like Yoon Mi Rae aka Tasha. When I first saw her I was struck by how confident she was. Because we all know people with darker skin tones usually get a lot of hate. But beyond that I've been reading about some things she's been saying via direct message on her instagram. From what I read she was asked if she was mixed. Because at first glance you would think she was mixed with black. But she replied back that she only is cosplaying as someone who's black. She gets a tan, dressed in clothes that she thinks black people would wear, and a plethora of other things. Now I have no problem with having an appreciation for a culture. But to alter your appearance and say I'm only cosplaying is offensive to me. I'm just flabbergasted that no one's called her out on it. Now I dont want people to be like well why isn't San e saying something. Because I doubt he even knows or has heard of what she's said. I know to some it isn't a big deal but as someone who is black I'm offended. If it was the other way around I'm sure there would be more public outrage. Honestly I want to know your opinions fellow vinglers.
@PassTheSuga I don't think she's put out music like the other contestants. Now I find it hard to like her after this. Plus her cockiness is a major turn off for me.
I found her comments offensive. I dunno much about her or her music except for watching her on this show and first impression, I thought she was talented. I liked her tone and her delivery....but her style made her seem like she was trying too hard. She's a dead ringer for MiRae in almost every aspect but for that fact alone, she lacked authenticity to me. Then her comments on the matter just made it that much more apparent. She's a PERFORMER. How am I supposed to take her seriously as an ARTIST if she ain't real?
@PassTheSuga thanks for the tag :) First off I admit this girl has got talent when it comes to rapping, but it's kind of hard to focus on that with all this other stuff going on, first up its cool that she likes the culture theres nothing wrong with that, but I think she has taken it too far, I honestly thought she was mixed and I thought that was awesome. But finding out she isn't and that its all just a character she plays is upsetting. I'm not gonna say I'm what I'd call offended, because she's not trying to make fun of anyone, just pretending to be something she isn't, so I feel a little cheated to be honest, and I'm not rooting for her anymore...
@MattK95 thoughts on this??